Why have I started blogging?

This is very overwhelming moment for me, it is my first blog and I have no idea what to write about. It can be tough honestly, when you want to do something but do not know how to. We all have gone through this. We might have many plans but that first step is usually the most difficult one. I decided to take that first time and I am clearly struggling.

The first reason why I started to blog is because in this beautiful time of the world; 2020. We all have been going through A LOT and we are going through this confusion and mixed feelings about what is going to happen now, how much Covid-19 had affected us and took away our loved ones, the constant lockdowns and the feeling of being trapped and helpless has affected us all in some way. It definitely affected me along with personal life, career struggles, self-improvement, mentally keeping yourself sane. 2020 has definitely given us A LOT more than we thought it would, some positive and some negative but an optimistic person like me finds positivity also in negativity. Basically blogging is a way to take your frustration out in a good healthy way that does not do you harm but helps you connect with other people so you can be there for each other.

A time like this has affected most of our businesses, the people living in United Kingdom are lucky to have government on our side that has been helping us financially but other countries have been affected to a great level. Some people have started make Youtube videos, some started side business and some people like me have started blogging. It is a great way of making money. (I have not made anything yet, this is my first blog)

I am the type of person who is always curious to know about other peoples opinions and what others think of my opinion, I will try to discuss my opinions with you all and would appreciate if you could either comment down below or tweet me. What do you think about my first blog?

Published by blogsabeera

An Aspiring writer and science teacher, I write to express my thoughts and feelings. I teach to inspire the next generation and make a difference in this busy world.

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