New Year Resolution For 2021

It is Christmas morning and I am writing about new year resolution. It is kind of funny for me honestly. Anyways 2020 has been tough for us ALL, we all got some sort of changes to make in our life either financially, emotionally, mentally or even spiritually. I know every year most of us have planned to do all sorts of things but we seem to always procrastinate it. But 2021 should be different, it should be about growing to be a better person, about making 2021 about yourself only. So here it goes…

  1. Seek medical attention

I do not know about you but I was depressed for the longest time but also there were times when I felt completely normal and next day back to the depressed state. We have the tendency to say “it will go away on its own” or “it is just a phase”. But it does not just go away, we have to fight to feel better, we have to go to the root of this and find out what is effecting you. Sometimes there might not be any reason and yet you will feel like life is worthless and you just want to dig yourself in your pillow and do nothing with your life. Yes it happens and it is normal to feel like that. I know many people who have been affected this year mainly due to all the quarantining, the restrictions, the new norm. In 2021, or start today and just figure out what makes you happy. Do what makes your life better. Seek for the truth. Talk to a friend. Talk to the doctor. Talk to someone about how you feel. Write it down. Make changes in your life for better.

2. Be physically fit and healthy

Notice how I did not say lose weight. You might not need to lose weight but be physically fit and healthy. If you have read my previous blog, you would have read that it does not matter about how much you weigh, it is about the inches. You could weigh 70kg and be overweight but also be 70kg and have a lot of muscle weight and bone weight. In 2021 have a better lifestyle, Do a different exercise. Do Yoga. Do skipping. Do not be afraid to try weight lifting. we do not need a gym to do all this. We got YouTube and stairs. Yes stairs. Do step ups on the stairs. Do push ups. Do whatever you feel that will help you to be physically fit. It is for own good.

3. Do the thing you have been avoiding or hoping to do in future

There is a wish inside of us all, a little desire that we are hoping to do in future. Well most of us. But some people might just be avoiding it thinking it might not work out. It costs too much. I don’t deserve it. It was a stupid idea. This wish could be a little as smiling at your parents (people who have issues with their parents will know about this) or big as writing a book. Some of us are waiting to fix a relationship with parents, siblings, partner or anyone close to you. But do not know how to do it. I know we all have some sort of wish that we are wanting to do, but have not took the first step because the first step is always the hardest. But trust me, once you take that first step, it will only get easier. It will all work out. Trust yourself and God and go for it. Take that first step.

4. Be the person you are

we are living in such time that we try to be someone who we are not, we portray and display ourself on social sites and show others the side of ours that is not true. Some of those people are actually broken from inside yet will show as if they are completely normal. And that is worse than being depressed it self. If you are one of those, then show the type of person you are. Learn to love yourself. Learn to embrace all your flaws. I am not saying portray yourself as depressed freaks but read point 2 again above. Let me tell you one thing. There are such people in this world that like to portray themselves as bad, that they do not care about anyone. But let me also tell you this that such people do care. They just do not want to show their vulnerable side to anyone. And you should not have to as well. But if you know you are like this then I would like to give you advice what my mother gave me. “You are being good because you are a good person, because God wants you to be good, if other person thinks you are pretending to be good then it is their problem not yours”. Lol thinking to post this on Instagram. Might do. Anyways. Be the person you are.

5. Be open about your opinions

This is something I see very less in people, this could be controversial point by the way. I have seen people doing what others tell them to do even if they do not agree with it. I have seen people agreeing with people just for the sake of it. For Gods sake, we have a voice, use it. If you do not agree with something, say it. If you like something say it (Not brag about it). Some of us at that stage of life that we do not want to argue but there is a difference between saying your opinion and arguing. You argue when you are trying to feed your thoughts in other persons head but saying your opinion is showing that yes you are different, you have your own individual personality. Sometimes you giving your opinion can help someone in need. Your opinion can spark an innovation, if people are clearly wrong and everyone is agreeing in the room and you have something different to say. Then SAY IT. You do not have to agree or have same opinions to be someones friend. Also mostly people admire people with opinions. And the last 4 line bold text I got from google because I ran out of reasons why being opinionated is good. You can check by searching up (why being opinionated is good)

  • I went on google to grab images for the blog and found a lot of negativity to do with opinionated people. Yet I will still tell you to have an opinion, say it where it should be said. Do not humiliate others by giving your opinion on a person. Give opinion about the situation, about political point. Give your opinion where it is necessary. Do not hurt others by commenting on them. (I just wanted to clarify just incase anyone takes me wrong)

Thank you for reading my Blog, I really appreciate the time you take out to read this. Either if you like it or not please share it on your social media sites. Someone else could like it if not you. Also with your help, my blog page will grow and I could finally achieve what I am trying to. Last thing I like to say is that, these resolutions are not from google, although I did search up new year resolutions but I found the typical ones and I wanted to do something different. Thank You.

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