Shhhh… Listen! Do You Hear The Sound Of God?

Different symbol of Religions

Backstory: I wrote this few years back, when my grammar was bad but that did not stop me from writing. I love God. I love every pain, every pebble, every rock he has thrown my way because that made me appreciate him more. He made me the person I am today. I wrote this while feeling the love I have for him. It does not matter what my religion is, it does not matter who my God is. All that matters is, there is someone above us that is looking out for us. There is someone who is keeping us safe. There are people in the worst situations at the moment but he is looking after us.

Image of the invisible GOD

You know what is beautiful?

A relationship so pure that when you cry, he cries. When you are happy, he is happy. You ask for one thing and he gives 10. The peace you feel when you are near him but not touching. When you close your eyes and think about all the beautiful things he has given you. When something goes wrong in your life, nothing will affect your relationship with him instead it will get strong after each pain. This relationship is with God. The almighty that is always there for us, he listens to us, he loves us. But sometimes we forget him and his blessings but he never forgets us. He will still look after us. He might not give us all the happiness in the world but gives us the right mixture of all things so that we will love him back and ask for the things we do not have in our life. He might not give us that immediately but he will give us that when the time is right or give us something better that is beyond our understanding. We can never thank him enough and honestly he does not need our thanks

My 18 year old self wrote this but I think I can write better now. I will give this a try again soon. Thank you!

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