Are You a Good person or a Nice person?

Backstory: I wrote this 2-3 years back in my journal, I just wanted to share my thoughts on this topic. I am sorry if you do not agree with it. I have added few extra words and just modified it to make it sound like 23 year olds written composition.

Introducing Good and Nice people

I did not know that there could be the difference between good and nice people. I realised when one of my friend mentioned this to me. I found out that anyone could be nice but it takes an effort to be a good person. Have you ever thought about this that not everyone is good? Goodness can be like sweet nectar but niceness is a mask that you put on to portray yourself as good. We often present ourselves as a nice person when we first meet them, this is undeniable. Either we are not comfortable to show our real side or we want to make a nice impression. Good people will stay the way they are, they do not need to put on ‘the act’.

Nice people try to avoid conflict and like to be on the safe ‘Nice’ side while good people are willing to stand up for themselves and others for what they believe in. Not all their opinions are justified but they always strive to be a better person. Nice people will say ‘yes’ even when they feel they should say ‘No’ but they are afraid to let someone down for their image consciousness or they do not want to hurt other people. While good people are fine to say ‘No’ when it goes against their values. This is because good people look at the big picture and act with wisdom.  Goodness is not fake, It is filled with pure intentions to do good, while nice people are situationally ‘nice’. Good people want best for others while not caring about themselves. They do not prove that they are doing a good deed and some do not even know how ‘good’ of a person they are. 

“If I can hide my flaws; and become what I think others want me to be then I will be loved, get my needs met and have a problem-free life”  -Unknown

Should you be Good or Nice?

The quote I mentioned above is just strange, why would anyone think like that? We should not try to be loved or try to have a problem-free life, we should have the courage to face any ups and downs that comes across our way. The good memories will give us happiness and bad memories lesson for life. If you think, You are trying to be a nice person just to be loved and accepted in this judgemental society. Then I think you should stop. I have mentioned in my ‘New year resolution’ blog that being opinionated is not a bad thing, say what you believe without hurting others sentiments. Anyways if you are getting tired of being nice and not getting niceness in return then think about what you are doing? why are you being nice if you are not getting the respect you deserve? If you think people are taking advantage of you, then think what is you are doing, that others are using you for? You do not always have to be the helpful one! Do not be spineless and do what others want you to do. Have integrity, follow your heart, do not let others take you for granted, take stand for what is right, not to get appreciated but because it was right. Do not get offended by what others think or say about you. You know what you are and how you should behave to follow what is right. ~Be right even if you have to go against your kins. Also always remember you will be bad in someone else’s story! 

Thank you! One last thing I wished to say is that, this topic is not copied from anyone. I thought about it, wrote it few years back and modified it now for the blog. Once I typed up my original piece, I searched it up if anyone else wrote about the same topic and there were quite few people. (Great minds think alike!) Anyways I got inspiration from this person’s blog, which helped me modify my blog into something better than my original piece. Thank you to Thomas Svitorka if you read this miraculously! If you liked this blog; like, comment, share please. Thank you!

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