Why did I choose to become a teacher?

Teachers play a valuable role in the society from building the foundation of the future generation to forming the most noble professions such as doctors, lawyers, teachers and countless more. This always intrigued my interest and inspired me to contribute to this well reputed profession and help others pursue their dream profession. It is important to consider that teaching requires a lot of patience, resilience and determination, all of which I have practiced over the many years of my education and personal life. Everyone always asked me that if I always wanted to be a teacher and the answer is yessss. It is a great profession to be in, everyday is a new day with no repetitions. It is just a beautiful feeling to see the children grow up to be amazing human beings under your guidance. I do not think, I can ever get bored to see a child learn and understand something which I am teaching.

Can anyone become a teacher?

Well, I cannot say “No, you cannot become a teacher”. But honestly it is a job that you have to enjoy and be willing to do every single day. It is very important to be understanding and patient as you will control 30 -/+ children at a time and it will be not easy. You will make a lot mistakes but over time it will all make sense to you. Here are some qualities of a good teacher:

  • The ability to develop relationships with their students
  • Patient, caring, and kind personality
  • Knowledge of learners
  • Dedication to teaching
  • Engaging students in learning
  • Organisational skills
  • Ability to motivate students
  • Good listening skills

Something that you need to know is that, even if you do not have all of these skills now, if you work hard and dedicate your time and energy to the children it will all work out well. You do not always have to have the talent to achieve something, sometimes hard work is enough.

How did I know that teaching is the right career choice for me?

I didn’t know until I made it, I had many backups but I knew this is something what I wanted to settle in for. Also, since childhood I have been carrying out tasks that for an average child would not be expected to do. This has made me responsible and decisive. However, career wise I was never sure what direction to take and what was right. I decided to follow my heart and go for it. I believed I can be a teacher because I have the kind of passion that it takes. I have the patience that is required for this. I believe teaching is part of me as I have been doing it for the most part of my life. I had the responsibility of my siblings’ education and truthfully speaking it is a role I enjoyed a lot. I liked standing in front of my siblings and teaching them from Maths, English to Science and I even taught them how to write. I think we should all do what we enjoy. It is best to teach something that you like reading about and learning about.

Misconceptions about the teachers

One of the biggest misconception is that children think we do not care about them and we are teaching them for the sake of money. There might be some teachers like that and no one likes such teachers anyways but if it was about the money, there are way better career options. In places like Pakistan or India, the role of a teacher is not as respected as a role of a doctor even though if it weren’t for the teachers, the children would have not become doctors in future. There is no switch off button for teachers, once you are in the teacher mode it is close to as impossible to switch that button off, you will continue to stress about your students and would think of activities to help them learn. Lastly, teachers do get holidays but only to carry on doing more of the work for their students, to mark their work, to check your progress, to build a better learning environment, to create resources so their students can learn.

Andddd thats it for today. Thank you for reading, I hope you learned something from this and I will be back next week with an another blog. (I sound like some tv anchor for some reason). Anywayss Thank you!

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An Aspiring writer and science teacher, I write to express my thoughts and feelings. I teach to inspire the next generation and make a difference in this busy world.

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