Is Biomedical Scientist the right career choice for you?

What do Biomedical Scientists do?

Biomedical scientists work in a lab, conducting scientific research to support the doctors with the patients diagnosis and treatment. They will test out bodily fluids and tissues however it depends on your specialism if you are specialised in anatomy, physiology, microbiology, genetics, psychology or mathematics. Biomedical scientists do not directly contact the patients or have a medical training but they do have to be registered with Health and care professional council (HCPC) as a biomedical scientist to officially work in a lab. After graduating with Biomedical Science degree, you can do masters or directly apply to be registered as a biomedical scientist. You will have to work in a lab for about 12 months and will have to complete few assignments in order to be registered. (For UK, I am not sure how it works in other countries)

What duties will you have as a Biomedical Scientists?

Researching on the cause and effects of disease, investigating chemicals and treatments for the patients, analysing data, writing medical research reports, working with high-tech laboratory equipments, following strict guidelines and code of conduct

What can you specialise in?

Infection and immunity sciences, Blood sciences, Cellular and systems (neuroscience), Genetics and molecular medicine 

What else can you do with your Biomedical Science degree?

Once you graduate, you can work as a Biotechnologist (research plants animals and genetics), Forensic scientist (work with the police to gather evidence against the crime), Microbiologist (study microorganism), Medical physicist (specialise in healthcare science), Technician (work in a school/lab as a part of scientific research team and Toxicologist (working on toxic materials and its effect on the environment).

Why did I do Biomedical Science?

I chose to do it because my friends and I wanted to do something together so we can be in the university together. Us 3 were secondary school friends and we had 2 more friends from college, we loved each other so much that we did a degree that none of us were happy to do -_- Anyways, it was not that bad we all are doing something with our life now, wrong decisions does not mean you will have a bad life. I got into teaching, one of my friend is working in a lab (for a time being, until she discovers herself), other one is also working in a lab ( I think). One of my friend, he got into medicine. And the last one got married. So the point is, Biomedical Science is for those who needs more time to discover themselves. You can be studying for 3 years and after graduating there are a lot of options for careers. One good thing about Biomedical Science is that, if you wanted to be a doctor and you could not get into it after A levels then doing this degree makes it less difficult to get into medicine. At the end of the day, you will not regret your decisions because you will still end up where you are meant to be.

Thank you for reading!

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