Religious or not religious?

I get told this a lot that I am a religious person based on things I do, I do not really understand what being religious means though as it can be quite subjective. I remember, few months ago my brother told me that I am a religious person because I prayed 5 times a day. Sometimes my followers on my instagram would assume that I am religious just because I do not show my face or talk to them on call or give my number to them. But you know what the surprisingly thing is, some say I act to be religious when I avoid calls from them.

It is funny as I never call myself religious and I do not even know what this means so I would never call other people religious too. I Believe we all are making mistakes, if I do one good thing which is visible to the public, it does not mean I or anyone else is a good person. If others cannot see the sins, it is all thanks to God that he does not make it visible. However, if others do see any bad thing about me, people will suddenly think that whole time I was “acting” to be religious and this is my real face. Even though I never said that I was religious in the first place. You can assume whatever you want about me but it is definitely wrong to say that I was acting to be something else and now I am something else.

It is not just about me, we judge others a lot all the time either if it is a good thing or bad thing. we do judge!

As humans, we all have good days and bad days. Some days we do more good things than other days, some days we do bad things and then we regret it. But just because we do that one bad thing, IT DOES NOT DEFINE YOUR CHARACTER. Same thing with good quality, if we do one good thing, IT ALSO DOES NOT DEFINE YOUR CHARACTER. For a year, you could be praying 5 times a day, reading Quran-e-pak and working on your bad habits, wearing modest clothes but next year you might not do that. That does not mean you are a bad or good person. Life is a journey to improve yourself, to repent, to go back to the right track when you go on the wrong one. LIFE DECISIONS DO NOT DEFINE THE TYPE OF PERSON YOU ARE! Maybe once you are dead, then others can comment that this person did this and this their whole life so they are this type of person but ironically when anyone dies no matter who they were and what they did, suddenly they became a good person.

So the main point is STOP ASSUMING THAT THIS PERSON IS LIKE THIS AND THIS!! You don’t know them! Stop thinking I am religious, I am a sinner too JUST LIKE YOU. No one is pious, majority of us are trying to be good people. I can go on and on and on about this but I believe someone who has the brain to understand will understand something in 10 words and someone who does not have the brain to understand then no matter how much others try to explain, you will not understand.

Thank you!

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An Aspiring writer and science teacher, I write to express my thoughts and feelings. I teach to inspire the next generation and make a difference in this busy world.

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