Life does not always go according to the way you want.  

It is sad right, when we really want something and we try our best to make that thing happen but the opposite of that happens. This era is definitely full of problems all thanks to our desires. Only if we had no desires then there would probably be no problems. We all have some sortContinue reading “Life does not always go according to the way you want.  “

Are you lying to yourself too? 

Life can be difficult; full of anxiety, guilt when we know we are doing something wrong. It affects us every now and then but then, when we lie to ourselves that; everything is fine”, “its just a phase”. We keep screaming at ourselves that this is the truth! This is our fate but this lyingContinue reading “Are you lying to yourself too? “

Difference between Self-Love and Selfishness

Self-love means acceptance of yourself. You accept your flaws and you are not ashamed of them. Being selfish is hating yourself enough to not care about other people or yourself. Self-Love When you self-love you encourage trust, love within yourself and around you. You will accept that people do need to take time out toContinue reading “Difference between Self-Love and Selfishness”

5 beautiful personality traits

You might already be practising to be a better person, we all are struggling to be good especially when we do not get the same response back. But it is not about being perfect, we cannot ever be perfect or have these traits but we can have a good intention and try our best. IContinue reading “5 beautiful personality traits”

Is Biomedical Scientist the right career choice for you?

What do Biomedical Scientists do? Biomedical scientists work in a lab, conducting scientific research to support the doctors with the patients diagnosis and treatment. They will test out bodily fluids and tissues however it depends on your specialism if you are specialised in anatomy, physiology, microbiology, genetics, psychology or mathematics. Biomedical scientists do not directlyContinue reading “Is Biomedical Scientist the right career choice for you?”

Why is it wrong to compare yourself to others?

There are countless people that compare their life to others, wishing that they get something which an another person has. We all probably want happiness, no one wants to suffer or be lost. When we see something on social media that this person has for an example a car or they are always going outContinue reading “Why is it wrong to compare yourself to others?”