Why is it wrong to compare yourself to others?

There are countless people that compare their life to others, wishing that they get something which an another person has. We all probably want happiness, no one wants to suffer or be lost. When we see something on social media that this person has for an example a car or they are always going outContinue reading “Why is it wrong to compare yourself to others?”

Everyday is Mothers day!

Mothers are the only people you’ll ever know who love you before knowing you, before seeing you, before talking to you. They are the only people who will feel your pain without you expressing it. It might not be Mother’s Day today but do we really need Mother’s Day to appreciate our mothers? Most ofContinue reading “Everyday is Mothers day!”

Why did I choose to become a teacher?

Teachers play a valuable role in the society from building the foundation of the future generation to forming the most noble professions such as doctors, lawyers, teachers and countless more. This always intrigued my interest and inspired me to contribute to this well reputed profession and help others pursue their dream profession. It is importantContinue reading “Why did I choose to become a teacher?”

Top 10 Beautiful things you do not value

We are surrounded by beauty yet we do not manage to see it because of our busy lives,  we all are caught up with our jobs, relationships, bills and some are just lying around on their couch watching Netflix.  We tend to not value things around us but when they are not there we understandContinue reading “Top 10 Beautiful things you do not value”

Have you ever been angry?

The answer is probably yes, we ALL have been angry at least once in our life. There are also some people that have anger issues; there could be many factors triggering your anger, that either harms yourself or others around you.  What is Anger? Anger is an emotion towards someone or particular situation, that triggers you toContinue reading “Have you ever been angry?”

Are You a Good person or a Nice person?

Backstory: I wrote this 2-3 years back in my journal, I just wanted to share my thoughts on this topic. I am sorry if you do not agree with it. I have added few extra words and just modified it to make it sound like 23 year olds written composition. Introducing Good and Nice people IContinue reading “Are You a Good person or a Nice person?”

Am I embarrassed to wear a hijab?

People often have misconceptions about muslims and why some girls wear hijab while others do not. As a muslim I can simply say that hijab is not just a cloth around our head. It is about our chastity. I started wearing hijab when I was 12 years old but I did not know why IContinue reading “Am I embarrassed to wear a hijab?”

New Year Resolution For 2021

It is Christmas morning and I am writing about new year resolution. It is kind of funny for me honestly. Anyways 2020 has been tough for us ALL, we all got some sort of changes to make in our life either financially, emotionally, mentally or even spiritually. I know every year most of us haveContinue reading “New Year Resolution For 2021”

How to lose 10KG in these 5 steps?

Points to consider: Are you trying to lose weight or inches? What is your BMI (Body Mass Index)? Are you eating a lot or not eating enough? what diet plan do you want to follow? Drink 1-3 litres of water a day This is very important and first thing you should focus on when tryingContinue reading “How to lose 10KG in these 5 steps?”