Are you lying to yourself too? 

Life can be difficult; full of anxiety, guilt when we know we are doing something wrong. It affects us every now and then but then, when we lie to ourselves that; everything is fine”, “its just a phase”. We keep screaming at ourselves that this is the truth! This is our fate but this lyingContinue reading “Are you lying to yourself too? “

Difference between Self-Love and Selfishness

Self-love means acceptance of yourself. You accept your flaws and you are not ashamed of them. Being selfish is hating yourself enough to not care about other people or yourself. Self-Love When you self-love you encourage trust, love within yourself and around you. You will accept that people do need to take time out toContinue reading “Difference between Self-Love and Selfishness”

Are you a smiling person or a laughing person?

Hello Everyone! This might be strange topic for you all, trust me I had to think about 10 times before writing about it. Most of you might be curious what I mean by smiling person or a laughing person. I even searched online thinking maybe someone has already wrote about this but guess this mightContinue reading “Are you a smiling person or a laughing person?”